Simeon Soden

Exploring blockchain for music distribution.

The project explores how the emergent technology of Blockchain (the network behind “bitcoin”) can be used to create a new, decentralised and fair marketplace for musicians and audio practitioners as well it’s uses for larger music organisations such as the Sage (Gateshead).

The project also seeks to explore and create new ways of presenting music and audio content in light of changes in the way audiences engage with music.


Electronic musician / producer Simeon Soden (Music Technology BSc, Music MMus), working as ako (solo) and collaborative project Mausoleums, takes the awkward beats and tension of witch house and elements of minimal / synth wave and infuses them with his own unique IDM sensibility. Avoiding the usual clichés of dance and creating something new and thought provoking that explores complex rhythms, minimalism and sound design. Simeon performs regularly (including a recent session on BBC Introducing and headlining a stage at Evolution Emerging and NARC Fest., and notable support slots for Blanckmass and Kitebase) and his music receives regular radio airtime. His performance work exploring links between musical and visual rhythms using projections of generative video made using VHS footage, modified games consoles and animation.

Simeon is also a founder of Kaneda Records, a label set up on the ethos of championing emerging north eastern electronic and dance music and organising eclectic club nights and gigs. He is also a founder of Northern Electric Festival, an annual multi venue electronic music festival in Newcastle and occasional gigs including notable international booking: Machinedrum. Alongside this he is an experienced sound and recording engineer and works in this field in freelance capacity.