Alex Frost

Alex Frost

The Outsider Inside (Contemporary Art and the inside/outside dichotomy).

Within the field of Contemporary Art the notions of inside and outside are often overlooked. Concealment and display are the beating heart of Contemporary Art. As a domain and in the language used to describe it, Contemporary Art is loaded with partitions, boundaries and temporary walls: artworks move from the inside of a studio to a gallery through public or private spaces. The artist is a perennial outsider, moving from art school to studio to gallery and from art fair to biennial. Their sculpture occupies a former public space and likewise they show in a gallery that seems to be imitating a public building. Their work is taken to an art fair bringing an insular exclusivity to a tent or hangar where a single skin of material separates the inside from the outside. The site and the subject of Contemporary Art is primarily the present-day global city and so it will be here.

The areas I will be exploring are: the relationship between Contemporary Art and the position of the outsider within it; the relationship between private space and public space and the inside and outside; human and non-human relations and how this effects the display of objects and I will also be exploring the relationship between the unconscious inside and the conscious outside.


Alex Frost sculptural practice operates between public and gallery settings often made in response to the particularities of its location. His work has been shown nationally and internationally, including solo exhibitions in major private and public institutions including Flat Time House, Dundee Contemporary Arts and Milton Keynes Gallery. He has undertaken several public commissions and participated in the Venice Biennale in 2009.