Current Students

Our current students and their research projects are

  • Dani Admiss

    Dani Admiss (PhD, Sunderland)

    What are the possibilities for world-building as an alternative exhibition model in contemporary curatorial practice?
  • Clair Aldington (PhD, Northumbria)

    Drawing a line; the role of the co-created artefact in engendering solidarity between participants in a restorative justice process.
  • Belen Barros Pena (PhD, Northumbria)

    Co-Designing Future Interactions with Money with Underserved Communities.
  • Ryan Blakey (MRes, Northumbria)

    ‘Where Are The Gays?’
  • David Blamey (PhD, Northumbria)

    The Perfect Moment: In Art Intended to be Experienced as Everyday Life.
  • Dawn Bothwell

    Dawn Bothwell (PhD, Sunderland)

    Regional Intermedia: a study of the intermedia approaches to curating (1964 – 1990) in North East England. How can a re-evaluation of intermedia approaches to curating produce new publics for small arts organisations in non-metropolitan areas now?
  • Ed Carter

    Ed Carter (PhD, Sunderland)

    An exploration of the ways contemporary architectural theory can contribute to the creation and presentation of art and design work conceived in the digital realm, specifically with regard to the impact of scale on audience perception of the conceptual narrative.
  • Henry Collingham

    Henry Collingham (PhD, Northumbria)

    The Changing Environments of Dementia
  • Robert Djaelani (PhD, Northumbria)

    Developing dialog through Design Research in the UK's integrated Health and Social Care System.
  • Ralph Dorey (PhD, Northumbria)

    Horrific Practice of Play.
  • Alex Frost (PhD, Northumbria)

    The Outsider Inside (Contemporary Art and the inside/outside dichotomy).
  • Lynn Hagan (PhD, Northumbria)

    Mourning the Dead and Saving the Living.
  • Riikka Haapasaari (PhD, Sunderland)

    The symbiotic relationship between glassmaking and filmmaking in creative practice.
  • Laura Harrington (PhD, Northumbria)

    Upstream Consciousness: re-visualising and re-thinking our engagement with distant and uncelebrated landscapes.
  • Liam Jeffries

    Liam Jeffries (PhD, Sunderland)

    Augmented Reality: The expanding curatorial possibilities and their impact upon audience engagement.
  • Jo Joelson

    Jo Joelson (PhD, Sunderland)

    The Library of Light - a curatorial framework to explore light, material culture and social experience
  • Adam McDade (PhD, Sunderland)

    Beyond the Epidermis: A practical investigation of how cross-cultural and multi-disciplinary influences may enrich contemporary tattooing.
  • Helen McGhie (PhD, Sunderland)

    Stargazing at the ‘Invisible’: Photography and the Power of Obscured Light - A Research Partnership with Kielder Observatory
  • Helen Pailing (PhD, Sunderland)

    Recrafting waste glass from the National Glass Centre: a collaboration between makers and matter.
  • Inge Panneels (PhD, Northumbria)

    Strategies of Mapping in Contemporary Art Practice.
  • Stephen Pritchard

    Stephen Pritchard (PhD, Northumbria)

    Can participatory arts support sustainable social change in the UK?
  • Tom Ratcliffe (PhD, Northumbria)

    Cultural Heritage, Communities and Industrial Development in National Parks.
  • Valentina Risdonne (PhD, Northumbria)

    Cast in a New Light: the surface coatings of nineteenth century plaster casts and their conservation.
  • Georgia Smithson (PhD, Sunderland)

    New Collecting and Distribution Models for Contemporary Art.
  • Simeon Soden (PhD, Sunderland)

    Exploring blockchain for music distribution.
  • Janine Sykes (PhD, Sunderland)

    Rethinking Curation as a blended practice and placing ‘audience occupation’ at the centre of participatory, live, process-based and New Media art.
  • Alexandra Tinning (PhD, Northumbria)

    Design thought and action to challenge and innovate for Mental Health Care.
  • Rachel Welford (PhD, Sunderland)

    Transmission, Reflection and Emission of Light through Flat Glass - the Artistic Application of Coatings on Glass and the Manipulation of the Glass Surface to Alter Translucency and Reflectivity.
  • Jessica Wiesner

    Jessica Wiesner (PhD, Northumbria)

    Fine Art Practice / Bend, shake, wag, wobble: repositioning loitering and other ill-fitting actions
  • Laura Yuile (PhD, Northumbria)

    Infrastructural Cosiness: At Home in the Network