Current Students

Our current students and their research projects are

  • Clair Aldington (PhD, Northumbria)

    Drawing a line; the role of the co-created artefact in engendering solidarity between participants in a restorative justice process.
  • Dena Bagi

    Dena Bagi (PhD, Sunderland)

    Clay Works? How can we create a ‘pedagogy of clay’, which utilises clays ‘power’ to engage and activate individuals in their community, to have a specific value within a substance misuse recovery process?
  • Belen Barros Pena (PhD, Northumbria)

    Reintroducing values into exchange: co-designing contextual and practice-sensitive financial services with older adults.
  • Crystal Jacquelyn Bennes

    Crystal Jacquelyn Bennes (PhD, Northumbria)

    Indirect observations and cultural translations: contemporary art, particle physics, hidden nature and scientific objectivity
  • David Blamey (PhD, Northumbria)

    The Perfect Moment: In Art Intended to be Experienced as Everyday Life.
  • Henry Collingham

    Henry Collingham (PhD, Northumbria)

    A Design-Led Enquiry into Parametric Product Design for Dementia Care
  • Robert Djaelani (PhD, Northumbria)

    An account of design research: Framing design practice in the UK’s health and social care system.
  • Ralph Dorey (PhD, Northumbria)

    Becoming Ahuman: making it desirable to abandon certainty, including certainty of the self, and play in this chaotic situation
  • Ben Evans James

    Ben Evans James (PhD, Sunderland)

    Autonomous Fictions: The application of speculative fiction to film and exhibition making to explore alternative economic values in autonomous systems
  • Alex Frost (PhD, Northumbria)

    The Outsider Inside (Contemporary Art and the inside/outside dichotomy).
  • Matthew Gansallo

    Matthew Gansallo (PhD, Sunderland)

    Digital and traditional art curatorial practice: connectivity, productivity, distribution in technological developed and non-developed cities and communities
  • Riikka Haapasaari (PhD, Sunderland)

    The symbiotic relationship between glassmaking and filmmaking in creative practice.
  • Lynn Hagan (PhD, Northumbria)

    Disneyland can wait: Performance between the real and the imaginery
  • Theo Harper

    Theo Harper (PhD, Sunderland)

    The potential of infill patterns and other printed support systems in hand made sculptural ceramics
  • Laura Harrington (PhD, Northumbria)

    Upstream Consciousness: re-visualising and re-thinking our engagement with distant and uncelebrated landscapes.
  • Liam Jeffries

    Liam Jeffries (PhD, Sunderland)

    Augmented Reality: The expanding curatorial possibilities and their impact upon audience engagement.
  • Jo Joelson

    Jo Joelson (PhD, Sunderland)

    The Library of Light - a curatorial framework to explore light, material culture and social experience
  • Adam McDade (PhD, Sunderland)

    Beyond the Epidermis: A practical investigation of how cross-cultural and multi-disciplinary influences may enrich contemporary tattooing.
  • Helen McGhie (PhD, Sunderland)

    Stargazing at the ‘Invisible’: Photography and the Power of Obscured Light - A Research Partnership with Kielder Observatory
  • Inge Panneels (PhD, Northumbria)

    Mapping the Anthropocene: an investigation of cultural ecosystem services through artists’ engagement with environmental change in Scotland
  • Tom Ratcliffe (PhD, Northumbria)

    Walking in cultural-natural landscapes in the Anthropocene: Community influence and landscape heritage within the North York Moors National Park
  • Valentina Risdonne (PhD, Northumbria)

    Cast in a New Light: the surface coatings of nineteenth century plaster casts and their conservation.
  • Georgia Smithson (PhD, Sunderland)

    New Collecting and Distribution Models for Contemporary Art.
  • Simeon Soden (PhD, Sunderland)

    Exploring blockchain for music distribution.
  • Janine Sykes (PhD, Sunderland)

    Exploring Curation as a blended practice and the new skills-set this entails
  • Alexandra Tinning (PhD, Northumbria)

    A dependent relationship between Human-Centered Design and Ethics of Care in Mental Health Care.
  • Rachel Welford (PhD, Sunderland)

    An Exploration of Space and the Ephemeral through the Creation of Glass Artwork
  • Jessica Wiesner

    Jessica Wiesner (PhD, Northumbria)

    Bend, shake, wag, wobble: repositioning loitering and other ill-fitting actions
  • Laura Yuile (PhD, Northumbria)

    Infrastructural Cosiness: At Home in the Network